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Timo's Blog

Truth Be Told 

Hey friends! I hope today's blog post finds you well!

I listen to a fair amount of Christian music, as I firmly believe in God and try to grow my faith every day. In my listening to Christian music, I've discovered Christian artist Matthew West and his song called "Truth Be Told". The song talks about how we have become conditioned into putting up a facade of everything in our life being great and amazing when truth be told, things are far from being that way. In the song, he says, "I don't know why it's…

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G&L Guitars 

In my previous blog post, I raved about MIM Fender guitars. However, I would be remiss if I didn't also bring attention to G&L Guitars. Those who have followed me over the past few years know I love G&L instruments. For those who don't know much about G&L, it was founded by Leo Fender - the same genius who brought us the famed Fender line of guitars, basses, and amps. The 'L' in G&L stands for Leo. The 'G' stands for his business partner George Fullerton. In my opinion, I believe that G&L guitars are every…

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Mexcian made (MIM) Fender Guitars 

This a blog about one of my favorite electric guitars, the Mexican made (MIM) Fender Stratocaster (or "Strat" as they're commonly called). While it may not quite have the pedigree of an American made Strat, they cost hundreds less than their American counterparts and thus would make a great choice if you want to save some money. In the end, you'll still get that classic Stratocaster design, sound, comfort, and playability. Of course, Fender makes many great guitars other than the Stratocaster. I've owned a…

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